GOD :speech_balloon:

GOD spoke to Abram and gave him some instructions.

  • “I want you to start a company. Call it ‘Israel Inc.’ The name may not make sense now, but it will in time. Trust me.”
  • “Move to a new place and base your company there. Exact location to follow.”
  • “You will be the CEO of the company.”
  • “Make your wife (Sarai) the CTO.”
  • “Appoint Lot (your nephew) as COO and co-founder.”
  • “You will build software and become a great company. All people will be blessed by what your company makes.”

Abram started the company, but it struggled in the early days. Egypt Inc. (a competitor) saw an opportunity. Realizing (and hearing from elsewhere) what a great CTO Sarai was, they tried to lure her away to join them.

Egypt Inc. sent gifts to Abram to try and sweeten the deal they were offering to buy out Sarai from her contract with the company.

But GOD wasn’t happy. He saw that Egypt Inc. was trying to upset the company he instructed Abram to create, so he punished Egypt Inc. Because of this punishment, they stopped trying to recruit Sarai and broke all ties with Israel Inc.