The Psalms are often treated differently to the rest of scripture.

Within liturgical reading guides, or bible-in-a-year outlines, Psalms is often (usually?) treated as a special case.
It’s often broken down so that a single Psalm (or a few verses) are read each day. It’s easy to assume a special consideration when it’s read every day (or in every service).

However, it’s within some services that the Psalms are seemingly given less importance.

“Our first scripture reading today comes from {insert details here}.” You may have heard (or said) this many times. Maybe even multiple times each day. But have you ever noticed this not being said before the reading of the passage from the Psalms? I have.
And what are we to make of this? It’s easy to assume the Psalms are considered lesser. Or they’re not proper scripture, or as important as other parts. That’s a potentially concerning attitude.

Or maybe it’s an oversight? Maybe the dozens of people (if not more) who defined and reviewed the specific words that are used in a liturgical service, didn’t notice. You know, as if the specific words used weren’t carefully considered and reviewed. As if the words didn’t matter.

Do you treat the Psalms differently to the rest of the Bible?