I wrote this to provide a fun way of looking at how the Bible is relevant and can speak to software developers. Hopefully, it’ll also help you think about these bible stories differently and how they may apply to modern life.

If you’re not a software developer you are, of course, still welcome to read and hopefully enjoy or find value in it. If the code doesn’t make sense to you this may help, or just skip to another story that has more text.

When writing these stories, I used the following guidelines:

Must be relevant to software developers.

Should be thought-provoking as much as it’s entertaining.

Could be offensive to someone. That’s not the aim, but I’m aware that some people are easily upset when anyone tries to change what they read in the Bible. Hopefully, what’s here is no more problematic than you may hear in a sermon where the preacher introduces an analogy to make an idea more straightforward for the congregation to understand. Still, if this does upset you, I’m sorry. Pray for me and anyone else who reads this.

Won’t be the most thoroughly researched commentary on the Bible you could read. If that’s what you’re looking for this isn’t it.

Additionally, there are a few other things about this writing that I’ve realised also make it comparable with the Bible.

  • There are different styles of writing.
  • The length of the various pieces varies dramatically.
  • Some of it has “author” comments within it, while some don’t.
  • Some of it’s ambiguous, while other parts are very specific.
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