Jesus was speaking at a local tech conference. After his talk, lots of people came up to him, asking for help with bugs they had. Jesus had compassion and started to help.

The crowds grew with more and more people asking for help. The disciples who were helping run the conference didn’t know what to do. Jesus told them to help fix bugs. The disciples protested that they were only five developers and two testers who didn’t even have heard of some of the languages used by the people asking for help.

Jesus took charge. He told everyone to sit down. Closing his eyes, he said a quiet prayer and turned his focus to his laptop. His finger moved quickly over the keyboard. The disciples and those nearby crowded round to see what Jesus was doing.

After only a couple of minutes, Jesus paused, hit enter, and leaned back. Jesus turned to his disciples and told them to “tell everyone to update their dependencies.”

Nervously, the disciples started to spread Jesus’ instruction.

There was no connection between many of the projects which initially reported difficulty with bugs, but, reluctantly at first, people began to apply updates. As they did, they found the bugs no longer occurred.

Many claimed it was a coincidence, and whatever Jesus did couldn’t have made a difference, but over 5000 known bug reports were closed that day.