After Medes Software took over Babylon Inc, they divided the company into three divisions. Daniel was placed in charge of one of those divisions. His knowledge, skill, and leadership meant that his division vastly outperformed the other two combined. In recognition of his talents, Daniel was put in charge of the whole company.

The leaders of the other divisions were upset by Daniel’s promotion and plotted against him. Using their contacts in the government, they lobbied for a legal change that would affect the way Daniel worked. With some sneaky, backhand deals, they set their trap by attaching an amendment to an inconspicuous law.

The first Daniel knew of the issue was when law enforcement burst into his office and dragged him away.

In a political climate where the public frequently perceived large corporations as thinking themselves above the law, the court case was fast-tracked.

The owners of Daniel’s company and many other influential political leaders recognized what had happened to Daniel but were powerless to change things.

Daniel would have to face a court of the toughest judges in the land. A place nick-named by the press as “The Lions Den.”

All Daniel’s supporters could do was pray that his God would save him.

And save him, God did.

Under questioning, the prosecution floundered, struggling to even speak in coherent sentences. Their arguments collapsed. Their logic and evidence were painfully flawed.

Before the end of the first day, the case was thrown out, and Daniel went free.

As the press had made so much of the case, that it collapsed so spectacularly was of great public concern. It didn’t take long to identify the circumstances which had led to Daniel’s trial and what his former colleagues had done.

A few days later, it was those same former colleagues who were the next case heard by “the lion’s den” court. The result of their trial was very different from Daniel’s.